Petronas Twin Towers Case Study

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Lend Lease was the project manager for the Petronas twin towers and the project was completed below budget and within time constraints. The towers were completed in 1996 and inaugurated in 1999. The final cost of the construction was US$5.6 billion. The base of the towers is occupied by a 140,000 square meter retail center that also includes a philharmonic theatre, aquarium, and art gallery. The double-decker sky bridge is designed to slide in and out of the structure to accommodate the differential movement of the two towers and is open to the public as a popular tourist attraction. The towers are now instantly recognizable as an icon of Malaysia and have become part of popular culture, featuring in films such as Entrapment. Besides, the gleaming pinnacles 88- storeys of Petronas Twin Towers have now become Kuala Lumpur 's new landmark and serves as an inspiring symbol of the country 's economic success and progress towards Vision 2020. Located at the foot of the Petronas Twin Towers, Suria KLCC is Malaysia 's premier shopping destination that offers an array of goods and services to please and pamper the needs of shoppers. Suria KLCC offers six distinctive levels of retail…show more content…
The privileges of the Petronas Twin Towers are the pinnacles, which comprise of a mast, a spire ball, and a ring ball, that was lifted piece by piece on ensuring the exclusiveness of the Towers. As the facts, a month after that the Council of Tall Buildings and Urban Habitats, the world’s arbiter for such things, declared Malaysia’s sparkling new Petronas Twin Towers is the world’s tallest building. The nation’s vision had been recognized and 37 months of determination and tireless, round the clock with the hard work by thousands of Malaysian’s people and hundreds of foreigners paid off in a shining, soaring symbol of a country poised and eager to ride the crests of its favor and fortune headlong into the new century. The Petronas Twin Towers have been claimed as the world’s tallest

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