Petruchio's Relationships

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Today, everyone knows at least one relationship that seems a bit odd. Not many people can say that they know a couple as dysfunctional as Katherine and Petruchio from the play The Taming of The Shrew (T.o.T.S.), or Kat and Patrick from the movie 10 Things I Hate About You. But are their relationships abnormal, or are they a reflection of the time period? The play Taming of The Shrew and the movie 10 Things I Hate About You show two examples of relationships influenced by social expectations, which is displayed through Katherine and Petruchio’s relationship. We see a shift in both their relationship and for each individual due to the change of equality of men and women over time. There are three key moments in each couple’s relationships, which are their first meeting, a coming together point, and finally, a final test to determine whether the male tamed the female. Before a relationship can begin, two people must meet for the first time. When you think of a gold digger, in terms of relationships, you typically imagine a young girl sucking up to an older man with a large amount of wealth. On the other hand, the movie and the play show us that Petruchio/Patrick’s intentions are solely based on acquiring money. In T.o.T.S., Hortensio informs Petruchio that…show more content…
Both examples are reflections of the time period that they take place in. While Katherine is completely controlled by Petruchio, Kat can be herself while dating Patrick. 10 Things can be thought of as proof as to how far women have come from Taming of The Shrew Women were being treated as “privileged slaves”, and now they’re just as important as men are. Women aren’t only used for reproductive purposes, as they were in the Shakespearean era. Women will continue to be an important part in our society, as well as many others around the
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