'Pets In Ray Bradbury's The Veldt'

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Many Americans have pets or children in their household. What do you think would happen if you neglected these things? They would replace you with something else. In the story, "The Veldt", by Ray Bradbury, Mr. and Mrs. Hadley allow technology to replace them as the parents in their child 's lives, but, when they threaten to turn off the nursery, an extremely realistic virtual reality machine, However, then the Hadleys begin to hear familiar screams. However, because the children frequently visit the African Veldt, and watch lions eat things, they decide to turn off the nursery, and go on a vacation. Before they can, the children lock the Hadley parents in the nursery, and the lions eat them. In this story, Ray Bradbury teaches readers that if you are neglectful with your things, they will replace you. At the beginning of the story, Mr. Hadley says to Peter that he is thinking about turning off the nursery, and Peter replies, "I don’t think you 'd better think about it anymore father." (12). This shows that Peter, and his sister, Wendy, are already thinking about replacing their…show more content…
In the final paragraphs of the story, Mr. and Mrs. Hadley have decided to turn off the nursery. The parents have decided to give Peter and Wendy a few more minutes with the nursery first though, a decision that ultimately seals their impending deaths. They go into the nursery to check on their kids, and turn it off, but, "The door slammed... 'Open the door! ' Cried Mr. Hadley... 'Why, they’ve locked it from the outside! '…and then they heard the sounds, the lions on three sides of them."(20). In this final excerpt, the kids have locked them in the nursery, for they have decided to overthrow the rule of the hindrance that is their parents. The parents suddenly realize that those familiar screams were their own. Then, the lions finish them off. This also shows the theme, because Peter and Wendy are tired of their parents, and when they try to take away what they love, they decide to
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