Pets Should Be Allowed In School Essay

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A wise man named Josh Josh Billings once said, “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.” Pets notice things that the people close to you fail too. They do things people close to you can’t. They calm you down when you are stressed, make you happy when you are upset or depressed, they comfort you when no one else notices you are struggling. Although it’s popular belief that pets are a distraction in the classroom, they can actually help students just as they help you at home, which is why certain pets should be allowed in school. Because pets help with welfare, responsibility building, and education of students in the classroom. To begin, a number of studies have been conducted that prove animals…show more content…
Fish specifically have a relaxing effect on people. In 1985, this time an American study concluded a great reason to have fish in your home, dentist office, or classroom. It showed that in a waiting room, specifically a dentist office, those who watches fish in the waiting room actually needed less pain medication during a surgery (Member login. (2010, May 3). Retrieved February 17, 2017 It also concluded that children with a hyperactivity disorder exhibited calmer behaviour when they were free to gaze at fish that are bright in color. The same has been shown for those with Alzheimer's (Member login. (2010, May 3). Retrieved February 17, 2017). If instead of bringing in a pet to a classroom, having a class pet already there will help students calm down. Also, a psychologist who studies the bond shared between humans and their pets, named Anne Mcbride, believes animals do a lot when it comes to reducing loneliness. Mcbride can be quoted saying, “A pet can be a great companion, and age or disability should be no barrier to pet ownership. Owning a new breed or species can be viewed as an adventure, an opportunity to learn about a new type of animal and develop a relationship with a creature never before considered" (Member login. (2010, May 3). Retrieved February 17,
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