Petsafe 5 Advantages And Disadvantages

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Petsafe 5 Meal cat feeder is an electronic feeder for cats which is specifically designed to make feeding more accurate with its digital timer feature. Here are the features, advantages and disadvantages of the product which could be useful for you when deciding whether or not to buy Petsafe 5 Meal automatic Cat Feeder.
What makes up the Petsafe 5 Meal?
Petsafe 5 Meal automatic cat feeder is made of rugged polypropylene and its actual dimension is 15 x 5 x 18 with 3.9 pounds in weight. It has five compartments that can hold a single cup of food. This automatic cat feeder is easy to program and operate because of its digital timer. Moreover, if you intend to clean the feeder on a daily basis, then there is no need to worry since the food tray can be easily removed for
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Your cats need to be more accustomed before leaving them alone with the feeder. The noise created by the motor of the feeder can be irritating to your cats at first. But if they get used to it, there will be no problem leaving them.
-Prior to use of Petsafe 5-Meal, peeling off the instructions label on the feeder’s lid should be done properly. This is to ensure hassle-free rotation of lids. If accidentally the instructions label was peeled off differently, it is possible to print them from a Petsafe website.
-The lid should be pushed down until it clicks to ensure that the tray is locked in properly. This way, your cats will not be able to move or break the lid just to get more food.
-Once the compartments are not properly aligned at the center, then you can press the button on the feeder to move the motor and lid to the center again.
-Considering the cleverness of cats, owners should never refill the food tray when your cat is around. They will know exactly the content of the feeder and may not stop unless they managed to get what they

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