Petsim Analysis Assignment

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PetSIM Analysis
Institutional Affiliation: Introduction
PetSIM is a private company under the food industry. The company is based in Canada and operates wide store that serves a wider market. Backdating since the formation of the company in the 20th century, the firm started as a kitchen industry where most of their activities were localized. However, within small range of time, the company developed into a multimillion-dollar business owed to their competitive product and services. The former head of the company during formulation was Sara Ida McIntosh who did the honor of incorporating the company.
The company is known for the production of pet foods and pet accessories. Above the high productivity that the firm is recording from its activities, petSIM also manufactures a functional
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Cooperative: the member should be cooperative with each other, as the team will work as a single body. Choosing a cooperative person needs past records of the individual when working within the department.
b. Hardworking: the member should be productive in anything given to him or her. Hardworking will help in giving out quality products.
c. Interactive: the members should be interactive an element that works best when two departments are connected.
5. What authority should the teams have?
The individual group should have a head that controls every activity in the group. The head should be responsible for most of the outcomes. Among the mandates of the authority will include:
a. Ensuring that the team members adhere to rules and regulations
b. Supervising the activities done by the team members
c. Removing a non-cooperative team member from the team
d. Give guideline on what should be done to the team members.
6. Whom should the team report to?
The team should be reporting to the CEO. References
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