Petsmart's Strategic Plan

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The resources incorporated into a new strategic plan can be used to determine, vision, mission, goals, values, timelines, objectives, and roles and responsibilities ("Strategic Basics," n.d.). The strategic plan is meant to help PetSmart stay focused, and to ensure that the management team is working toward the same goals. Of course, PetSmart will need to assess and adjust direction as it moves forward, because of the changing environment. For example, a football team does not run the same play over and over and expect to win the game. The coach has to assess and adjust the direction of the players, because the game (environment) is changing. Another example is e-commerce. Fifteen years ago, shopping online basically did not exist. The environment…show more content…
Careful consideration was put into developing PetSmart’s new strategic plan. Now, implementing the new strategic plan should be handled with as much consideration as the development. The success of a new strategic plan takes time, skill, and patience. The primary purpose of this new strategic plan is business growth. When launching a new product one of the key elements is marketing. The same element applies when launching PetSmart’s new strategic plan to the entire company. A well-developed strategy plan can fail if not launched appropriately, so communication and implementation important (Gluck,…show more content…
The message is to replicate the message already delivered by Michael J. Massey, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of PetSmart. The purpose is to communicate and recommunicate the plan, making the employees aware that the changes are happening. Repetition is always good, and planning smaller group sessions will create a more intimate setting for employees to feel more engaged in the organization. These lunch and learn will also allow the opportunity for employee’s to ask any new question they may have formulated from the time the new strategic plan was first delivered. The purpose of the lunch and learns is repeat the new strategic plan over and over, so it becomes part the culture of PetSmart. Eventually, the reputation of the message will nudge the employees towards the changes as necessary (Patrick, n.d.). The final step is ensuring that an element of the strategic plan is being incorporated in any inner department meetings within the organization so the same message is being communicated in all meetings. The focus is to keep the PetSmart strategic plan in the forefront of all the

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