Peyabat Daerah Besut Case Study

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TABLE OF CONTENT TABLE OF CONTENT 2 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT 3 SUMMARY 4 RESUME 5 COMPANY’S BACKGROUND 9 Vision 9 Mission 9 Objectives 9 Objectives of Management Services Department 9 Objectives of Physical Development Department 10 Objectives of Community Development Department 10 Organization Chart 11 STUDENT’S ROLE AND RESPONSIBILITIES 12 OFFICE PRACTICES AND PROCEDURES 13 Organization’s Function 13 Scope of the Problem 13 Objectives 13 Data Collection 13 Data Analyzed 13 Recommendations 13 Conclusions 13 REFERENCES 15 ACKNOWLEDGEMENT First of all, I’m Nuraini binti Mat Rashid would like to express my gratitude to God for His blessings and I can complete my tasks for doing “The Industrial Training Portfolio at Pejabat Daerah Besut”. Besides that, I want to give my appreciation to all staff at Pejabat Daerah Besut especially to En. MD. Sopian bin Yusof, administrative officer assistant, in helping me to get all information that needed to accomplish my task. With their helped, I can get all information that related with my task and that is so easily to me to make my task are complete. They are supportive to me to make my task complete successful. Next, I also would like to thank to my lecture in giving the knowledge to me in completing my task. My lecturer’s advice and guidance is totally helping me for make this task complete successfully. Then, I would like to extend the sincere appreciation and thanks to my parents, family members and my friends who are giving the

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