Peyton Manning Advertisement Analysis

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NFL quarterback Peyton Manning, has Direct TV. However, skinny legs Peyton Manning has regular cable. While regular Peyton can choose whatever game he wants to watch at his parties on Sundays. Skinny legs Peyton is stuck with whatever game comes on his small TV, all alone. He also has to deal with his socks sliding down his legs, and struggling to flatten a box. While the well-dressed regular Peyton knows how to have a good football Sunday. That is to have Direct TV’s NFL Sunday Ticket.
The target audience for this advertisement is football fans, football fans who don’t have Direct TV, and football fans who have Direct TV, but do not have NFL Sunday Ticket. Regular Peyton Manning represents those football fans who have Direct TV’s NFL Sunday Ticket. Those who have NFL Sunday Ticket, are the “popular” people and are living the good life, with a nice big flat screen TV, and a nice house. Regular Peyton Manning is showing that if you have Sunday Ticket you can watch your favorite football team, or whatever game you want, and also host great parties on Sundays. If you don’t have Sunday Ticket, like skinny legs Peyton, you will be alone in your house stuck with whatever
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Letting fans know that if they purchase NFL Sunday Ticket, they can watch whatever game they want on Sunday. Also that they’re lives as football fans will be better if they purchased the product. Direct TV’s marketing strategies are differentiation and competitive advantage, which is “a company can differentiate and position itself as providing superior customer value” . “Differentiation is strategically focused on, offering exclusive content” Direct TV displays these two strategies by letting consumers know that they’re the only cable company that offer NFL Sunday Ticket. Also, using regular Peyton Manning, and skinny legs Peyton, as representation of how superior they are to other cable

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