Pfizer Ethical Issues

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The pharmaceutical business is regularly condemned an exceptionally profit driven industry (LaMattina 2013). In this assignment I will be looking at the ethical breaches that Pfizer, a pharmaceutical company, is infamous of.
1. Ethical issues facing pharmaceutical industry
According to MacDonald (2016) the following are the ethical issues facing the pharmaceutical industry.
• Pricing
• Interference with the logical production process
• Interference with the clinical trials process.
• Use of imposter consumer backing gatherings to influence policymakers
• Making swelled claims about the viability of their products.
2. New clinical trials and medication regulatory body in South Africa
To the extent the control
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An absence of rivalry takes into account producers to set high costs. The second reason is uneven arranging power which is caused by the absence of standard arranging power that exist in the countries with national healthcare survey frameworks (Nelson & Vega 2016).
3.2 Kant’s Deontological theory
An alternative formulation for Kant’s categorical imperative theory is respect for person. According to this formulation people should never use other people as a stepping stone to achieve their goal (Kretzchmar. Prinsloo, Prozesky, Rossouw, Sander, Siebrits & Woermann 2012:78).
Pfizer lied by delivering a fake letter of endorsement and was cruel to the Nigerians since it did not advise the general population of what was really happening. The organization was deceitful to the United States too in light of the fact that the nation was clueless about what occurred until the point when long after the medication testing was done. Overall, the scandal is unethical in terms of Kantianism (Klag 2013).
3.3 Perfect
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Background of Pfizer
Pfizer Inc. is the biggest research-based medication creator on the planet. The organization was built up in 1849 when Charles Pfizer, a scientific expert, and Charles Erhart a confectioner, started an association in Brooklyn to fabricate mass substance chemicals, and the organization was called Charles Pfizer and Company. In 1900 the organization was incorporated in New Jersey as Charles Pfizer and Company Inc. (Llamas S.a). The company operates in three business fragments: healthcare, animal wellbeing, and consumer healthcare. Pfizer is the organisation behind well-known consumer items such as Listerine, Rolaids, Sudafed, and Visine, however the organisation’s most noteworthy income makers are its professionally prescribed medications. Pfizer 's marquee pharmaceuticals include Viagra, a treatment for erectile brokenness, Zoloft, an antidepressant, and Lipitor, a cholesterol-lowering pharmaceutical that is the top rated medicine on the planet, and the organisation’s products are showcased in more than 150 nations (Llamas S.a).
1.1 Explain what happened and what Pfizer was accused
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