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PFL is a company that produces staple goods. It is not located in a metro city but still became the best company in spite of this. The company still uses the traditional method of handling a business and strongly believes in professional management. This is exactly became the key for the company’s success.

As the company continue its way to success, many of its big competitors got interested on how to be successful like PFL, This resulted to attracting PFL’s employees to transfer with KLM through offering a package of salary and benefits that are hard to refuse. One of the General Managers of PFL accepted the offer and poach all other employees to transfer with him. Now, the PFL is facing the problem regarding the sales and
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This will create strong relationship between the company and its employees. Resulting to loyalty and perseverance of each member to exert effort to continue to contribute for the maintenance and success of the business. In the case of PFL, since they invested a lot on treating their people right, it can be hard for some of their employees to just transfer from one company to another. Some of the employees easily got attracted to what KLM offers. They can have high salaries but they can never experience the same treatment as to what PFL gives to…show more content…
This is by the help of different skilled and educated people that contributes their ideas as intellectual capital to make the business successful. That is why it is important to give value to every member of the company from the top management, to the lowest members of the company. In this case, the people from the company including the GMs are transferring to our competitors. This means, the competitors will have all the intellectual capital the company should have from our people. If this is by means of offering higher salaries and benefits, I will proposed a plan to the CEO and COO to extend the budget to offer the same salary and benefits as what the competitors offer. Because, maintaining the company’s valued team which is mainly the cause why the company is on its way to success is easier than finding new people to change their positions. Those people are trusted over years and the reason why the company is successful. Maybe it’s about time to give rewards to our valued team for giving their best to provide quality of work and to share the same vision of success for the company. And in fact, maintaining our valued people will be more beneficial for the company. As they continue to contribute their ideas and dedicate themselves to the company as they feel valued will inspire them to do better job than they did. This means, the company will continue to gain profit or even earn more
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