Pglo Transformation Lab Report

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Title: Genetic pGLO Transformation Introduction: Genetic transformation is a transformation that involves a change in genes. Transformation is the process by which the genetic material carried by a cell is altered by the incorporation of foreign exogenous DNA into its genome. In this lab, we used a procedure called heat shock, accompanied by a bacterial plasmid vector, to transform bacteria with a gene that codes for GFP (Green Fluorescent Protein). A vector is an agent “employed to transfer the gene from one organism to another” (Lab manual). Two common vectors are phages and plasmids. Phages are viruses that infect bacteria. Plasmids are “small circular pieces of DNA found within bacteria cells” (Lab manual). Plasmids “often contain genes for traits that are beneficial to the bacteria cells that contain it”. Throughout the process of heat shock, the transformation solution and the plasmid DNA are placed on ice. After the directed time, those solutions are immediately moved to a hot water bath for 50 seconds. Following this, the solutions are immediately moved back to the ice again. Heat shock “increases the permeability of the cell membrane to DNA” (Lab manual). The results for this experiment are significant because we want to see what plates will have growth. The bacteria with the gene GFP causes bacteria to have a green glow under UV light.…show more content…
These bacteria will grow and glow green, due to GFP, under UV

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