Plato And Phadeo Analysis

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In the theory of Forms of Plato he believes in the great height, health, and been strong, are the truth within the essential things instead of the beautiful and good things. The hypothesis of the forms consist of comparing the consequence in life and to secure a higher hypothesis. Socrates not giving a true explanation of consequences states of the soul the following: "the attributes applied to the soul can be occupied to whatever the life causes are as been essential but can 't lose. The soul is not compatible which states that is immortal. Phadeo and Plato state to the concept of tallness and health etc, that knowledge can 't be obtain by perception of not many evidence for the exist of some kinds of Forms. Plato and Phadeo doesn 't give work to the meaning of connection in the soul and the right type of life. Which if gives an warning against the soul contamination with sense and pleasure by the temptations. Plato states that the nature idealize a descriptive way that gives Phadeo to take to literary have an attention to the moral massage in ones soul.…show more content…
All this classes must love under a communal life. For Plato 's achievement in a city is the cultural one which there 's pride and enjoyment in the human life. The three classes in look for justice estimated that have the 'Four cardinal Platonic virtues ' which are wisdom, moderation, courage and justice. Piety is no longer for the religious activities it has. Plato says that hr soul has a source of desire. In the three classes there 's different types of needs which the rules what wisdom. The soldiers want courage and the populations appetite. Courage is essential for the fact that is part in which the wisdom belongs to a rational part. Moderation is consistent of all the values in which should rule and which to obey. In difference with injustice Justice estimate the harmony and good while injustice is all the opposite. Socrates state that philosopher can be better ruler an any king and queen. Plato state that when there 's human satisfaction and desire for the good they reach a decay on the city. There are different desire of the classes. The philosophers desire wisdom, the soldiers honor, and the workers want the material goods. Still
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