Comparing Socrates 'Soul And The Philosopher'

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Beaujorne Sirad A. Ramirez

The Soul and The Philosopher (Parts 1 and 2)

Phaedo is also known as “On the Soul” by many Ancient commentators and readers. In this work, Socrates was having his last words before his impending death. In the opening of the dialogue, Echecrates asks Phaedo what transpired when Socrates drank the hemlock. Echecrates became curious with the last words of Socrates that he asked Phaedo to narrate what happened. With this request at hand given by Echecrates, Phaedo narrated what happened during the execution. In this narration, important themes were discussed by Socrates with his followers and admirers.

In the narration of Phaedo, the discussion between Simmias and Socrates centered on the idea of being
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The nature of the opposites was discussed in the idea of generation. The opposition of death and life seems to come from very idea of generation. In this idea of generation, death is simply an opening for the truth. With the idea of life and death as a continual generation, the role of recollection comes into the picture with the role of perception simply assessing again a memory that came before the actual perception. In this matter, the group discussed the reality of similar and dissimilar perceptions and how recollection plays a significant role in the process. The reality of similar and dissimilar perceptions occurs as if the perception is a déjà vu. For Socrates, these perceptions occur in déjà vu since these perceptions get lost during birth. To regain all the knowledge that was lost during birth, the person should be responsible to get these knowledge again. In the progression of their talk, the group began to discuss the nature of soul in what it is and what it is not. After the discussion about the nature of the soul, the group discussed the value of philosophy in attaining the knowledge of the soul especially in the practice of justice and moderation. Philosophy sees the imprisonment of the soul from the body. Since the body cages the soul through the desires and emotions, philosophy gives the soul an assurance in its own liberation from the body that it would know the truth about reality. Death is something that any philosopher should not dread. The soul of a philosopher should be freed but at the same time acquaint itself with pain and

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