Phaedo And Socrates

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Beaujorne Sirad A. Ramirez

The Soul and The Philosopher (Parts 1 and 2)

Phaedo is also known as “On the Soul” by many Ancient commentators and readers. In this work, Socrates was having his last words before his impending death. In the opening of the dialogue, Echecrates asks Phaedo what transpired when Socrates drank the hemlock. Echecrates became curious with the last words of Socrates that he asked Phaedo to narrate what happened. With this request at hand given by Echecrates, Phaedo narrated what happened during the execution. In this narration, important themes were discussed by Socrates with his followers and admirers.

In the narration of Phaedo, the discussion between Simmias and Socrates centered on the idea of being a philosopher. From this discussion, it was expounded that the idea that a philosopher must be ready at the face of death. For Socrates, men who immersed themselves in philosophy should prepare themselves for death and dying. Technically, for Socrates, philosophy is a preparation for death. Though this was taken as a comedic turn, Simmias realized the truth in such an idea.

With the mention of death, the group discussed the nature of death. What happens in death? Simmias posited that the soul separates from the body. This was connected to the idea of a philosopher who is living yet the soul has been reflecting higher kinds of thoughts. Socrates strengthened this position that a philosopher should not be indulgent of the pleasures. A true
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