Phantom Of The Opera Character Analysis

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In the book Phantom of the Opera, Erik is a man who has a lot of power; he would use his power to hurt and manipulate people. He was a man of trade and had the ability to manipulate people with his amazing skills as a lover of magic. Many people wondered how he had gotten to that point, but they soon realized when they noticed how ugly he was. His mother and father never loved him because of how unattractive he was. He looked like the face of death, from what many people called him, without a nose and scary, luminescent eyes that glowed in the dark. When he was young he ran away from home and joined the circus. During this time away in the circus he was able to learn his trade of being a version of Jean Eugene Robert - Houdin, the world’s best magician of the time, which helped him in always being in control at the Opera house later on. He learned the art of ventriloquy, which helped him trick his victims into thinking they were hearing voices in their heads. And he also loved the art of manipulation, which allowed him the geniusness of getting people to do what he wanted them too, otherwise he would use the art of murder to punish anyone who…show more content…
Eric knew that he was in charge but he liked it that way. however it affected all of the characters in many different ways, for example, Christine daae was the sweet, innocent girl who the beast wanted to love. She was manipulated by him, as the Angel of Music, to gain her trust and love. The Angel of Music was a story about an angel that would come to musicians in hopes they would become musical geniuses, that her father had told her when she was little. When he died that was all she had left to remember him by. So she held onto the promise that her dad gave her, that one day, her Angel of Music would come. Erik used that story her father had told her to control her. He controlled her so much that he made her marry him, even though she loved someone
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