Phantom Of The Opera Analysis

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This film/musical was not what I expected when I found out that it was the sequel to “The Phantom of the Opera” I was excited when I found out about it but was disappointed once I watched it. A few reasons I think that it disappointed me are: The dramatic change of character in Meg and Raoul.
Meg, who in the first film was Christine 's best friend, Is now like a completely different person. She has changed so much in the ten years. She was once Christine’s loyal friend and an overall quiet person and she seemed to be a good person, now she is (In the words of the Circus hosts) “The oh la la girl”. She is the lead performer at Mister Y (aka the Phantom)’s theme park and freak show “Phantasma”. Which is located on Coney Island in New York.
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“Is it true that you left your entire fortune on a roulette table in Monte Carlo?” A news reporter asked him as he and his family got of the boat. “Who would believe we’d sunk this low? [meaning being escorted around by circus freaks and Christine having to sing to get by, to make up for his mistakes], never you mind the debts we owe” He told his wife later on in the film. While he is at the bar he ponders over the question “Why does she [Christine] love me?” because he realises that he hasn’t been the man that he should have been. He has let her and Gustave down. After this he encounters The Phantom and they make a bet. In the words of The Phantom “She [Christine] walks: you leave here together, pockets full, debts paid. She sings: you leave here alone!” Once the Phantom leaves Raoul releases what a mistake he’s made. A mistake that could cause him to lose his wife and ‘his’ son. He then tries to desperately clean up his act and convince Christine to leave with him and Gustave that night on a boat out of New York. He manages to convince her to leave with him. Until The Phantom convinces her to sing. I feel like the character change for Raoul is very unrealistic. This would be like if my Dad suddenly started to gamble all our money away and turned into an alcoholic. This would be a real shock to our family because it is extremely unlike my Dad. If he wasted all our money on a beverage, it would be
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