Pharaoh Snefru's Accomplishments

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Pharaoh Snefru ruled for 24 years from 2613 to 2589. He was the first pharaoh of Egypt 's 4th dynasty. Although Snefru was most known for his ruling, he built 3 pyramids which are “The Bent Pyramid, The Red Pyramid and The Meidum Pyramid.” Snefru put dedication and lots of effort with meaning, to the monuments that are still well known to this day.Snefru had needed a wife so he got married to his half sister named Hetepheres.Snefru had many children such as the famous scholar pharaoh Khufu, the prince Nefermaat, and princess Hetepheres ll.

One of Snefru’s major accomplishments was building the Real first pyramid which took the shape of a triangle.Another one of his major accomplishments are that he conquered the Sinai peninsula which gave them tons of cedar wood which helped them make big strong traveling boats. Snefru was an amazing tactician against the successful attack on Libya he captured over 11,100 Libyans. Snefru didn’t always accomplished his projects one of his failed projects was The Meidum or Maidum pyramid which was the first pyramid that he had made with mud bricks mastabas. Due to Pharaoh Snefru’s revolutionary tactics changed the
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Pharaoh Snefru was a kind king of the people in Ancient Egypt he had made a contract with the bedouin tribe to keep control over the mines and quarries in the desert areas of Sinai. Snefru had also led amazing military campaigns against the king of Nubia and the results of his actions against the nubian empire resulted in the gain of 7000 prisoners and 200000 oxen and sheep. Snefru was the first king to use the oval cartouche, as opposed to the rectangular serekh, to frame his name when it was written down. Pharaoh Snefru was liked so much that the people of Ancient Egypt called him the beauty maker because all he had brought to the mighty Ancient Egypt was justice and
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