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What is the pharaoh 's curse? Many people have wondered the same thing, but those who get the curse regret it. Most people get the curse when the disturb a desist Pharaoh from his sleep. The pharaoh’s curse cause tragic deaths, illusions, and illnesses for anyone who receives this awful curse.

The curse first came to be in 1922. The archaeologist, Howard Carter was the first person to open King Tut’s tomb. Carter first opened the tomb on November 26, 1922. He was very young before he started trying to help find it.He started working on the hunt when he was only 17 years old. He worked on small jobs and slowly worked his way up to work on more bigger projects in Egypt. Carter worked with eleven other archaeologist on the big discovery.
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“The first incident supposedly occurred when a pet canary kept by Carter was found dead in its cage, attacked and killed by a cobra. A cobra was often a symbol for the rulers of Egypt.” Would Carter or some other people who helped discover the tomb get the curse too?While Carter discovered the tomb he never believed in the curse. Carter died more than ten years after discovering the tomb. Many people wondered what happened to other the people that helped in the discovery. “The eleven other people in the group that entered the tomb with Carter were dead within 7 years.” After people started dying many wanted to know why. Some people blamed it on the curse but some of the hieroglyphics read, “As for all men who shall enter this my tomb...impure… there will be judgement… an end shall be made for him… I shall seize his neck like a bird… I shall cast the fear of myself into him.” Many others died even if they weren’t involved in the discovery. Some people died and all they did was look in side or visited the tomb. Many people started to be scared of the curse after all the deaths. While many suffered painful deaths there were many other effects of the curse on…show more content…
The illusions didn’t scare people as much because they didn’t know if it was a friend or a co-worker joking around with them. At a museum in England there is a small ten inch statue that came from King Tut’s tomb. Many people noticed that it slowly started to spin on its own in the display case.The time lapse has captured it making a ¾ rotation. Many people became spooked and thought it was another effect of the pharaohs curse playing tricks on them. Many people didn’t believe it but one person tried to clear it from being ‘cursed’. “Now, there’s one online video that reports to explain all this, a gentleman who goes by Mick. He says that if you look at the time-lapse photos, the statute only moves when people are walking around it, and therefore, he links it to the vibrations created by all that pedestrian traffic.” While many believed to see illusion some people also recieved tragic illnesses. The people who got the illnesses were or knew/related to someone who was involved with treasures to King Tut’s tomb. A sailor won a scarab from someone and gave it to his daughter as a gift. A scarab is an artifact that symbolizes the ancient egyptian holy beetle. The scarab was from a tomb of a pharaoh. The scarab brought bad luck to people who possed it. The bad luck caused illnesses, but most of everyone who got sick received leukemia. “Soon after giving the item to his daughter, he was lost at sea. Just

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