Pharisees Arguments In Rabbinical Research

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In the Rabbinical Literature the Pharisees are known as “sages” (ḥăkāmîm) and scholars have identified three types of information regarding the Pharisees: Laws associated with certain pre-70 CE Pharisees, particularly the schools of Hillel and Shammai. These laws concern ritual purity, tithing, and Sabbath observance, and Hillel and Shammai are believed to be two early 1st century Pharisaic leaders. There are also stories about Pharisaic leaders, in which they are presented as authoritative and dominate figures in Jewish society, religion, and politics. Lastly, some rabbinic texts speak of the separatists (perȗs̆ı̂m), which could be referring to Pharisees. At present, scholars debate the use of rabbinical literature in the study of the
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