Paracetoid Extraction Research Paper

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Based on Wikipedia, the word extraction refers to a separation process, involving the separation of a substance from a matrix. Basically, it is further divided into liquid-liquid extraction, solid-phase extraction, solid-phase microextraction, Soxhlet extraction, fizzy extraction, and others. Extractions normally use two immiscible phases to separate a solute from one phase into the other. This method enables products in pharmaceutical forms suitable for oral or external dosage according to the site of action recommended, to be obtained. There are different techniques of extraction, also used in combination, with the aim of enhancing the amount of the target molecules, gaining time and reducing waste of solvents. Extraction works on the principle…show more content…
Filler such as lactose is polar and will dissolve in water or aqueous solvents. Hence, extraction steps in which the drug is soluble in water, is recommended to be carried out in aqueous media in order for the drug to be more efficiently removed from sample matrix. On the other hand, if the drug is water insoluble, it means it is non-polar. Organic solvents such as methanol or ethanol can be used for…show more content…
As the alkyl length on surface of silica gel decreases, absorption increases.
Recently, styrene divinylbenzene polymeric gels which are of high purity, are available to be used in lipophilic SPE. They are a higher level of lipophilicity compared to surface-modified silica gels, with larger capacity to load sample.
Conditioning of columns is done through washing with methanol followed by water or an appropriate buffer.
Alkaline compounds can be adsorbed from aqueous solution through the adjustment to basic pH with buffer (normally of pH 10). If the compound is too lipophilic, mixtures of methanol along with alkaline buffer are used. Compound is then eluted with acidic buffer, or as an alternative, an organic solvent like methanol or ethanol.
Acidic compounds can be isolated from aqueous solution by adjusting the pH to an acidic one. The column is washed with dilute acid or water. After that, methanol, acetonitrile, tetrahydrofuron, or basic buffer is used to elute the compound. Mixture of methanol and dilute acid is used for highly lipophilic

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