Pharmaceutical Marketing Ethics

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Introduction Quality and ethical care are key values for pharmaceutical companies. One strategy by which pharmaceuticals extend their values to their clients and patients is effective health and wellness products. Traditionally, pharmaceutical facilities’ core marketing concern is ethical promotion of their products. The elements of health and wellness marketing for which pharmaceuticals accord ethics a lot of attention are advertising and promotion. Despite the attention accorded to health and wellness, there are reported cases of violations of the ethics of health and wellness advertising by pharmaceutical firms. Fortunately, government and private pharmaceuticals have instituted guidelines for ethical advertising and promotion. Health and wellness products providers are thus advised to ensure their marketing departments and professionals comply with the set guidelines and codes of ethics.…show more content…
This paper discusses a case study of health and wellness marketing by a pharmaceutical firm with references to the ethical issues associated with health marketing strategy and how the concerned marketing managers may address these issues. In the case study, the firm’s marketing department intends to boost its sales through training physicians and handing out brochures and DVDs about its

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