Pharmacist Accomplishments

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Regardless of the fact that I had been warned several times that I would be utterly bankrupt and end up living in a one-room apartment, or be homeless, I had originally intended to go into an art career. However, over the years, I began to worry excessively about how I would be able to support myself when I amassed a crippling student loan debt throughout my college years. This change in thought was likely due to my family’s own current financial difficulties, and it caused me to start hoping for a job that was financially stable.
When I was talking to my parents about my possible futures, my mom suggested an occupation in pharmacy, mentioning that the pharmacists that work at her store have higher salaries than she does. She noted that my lack of struggle with mathematics or science could make it straightforward work for me. Sorting out what I might do, I planned to follow her idea of going to a community college, and transferring the credits to a school of pharmacy.
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Despite extensive schooling, they also may need to complete a one to two-year residency before getting a job, which gives about half the pay of a full-time pharmacist. Furthermore, a pharmacist would need to continue to take courses throughout their career to keep up with advances in pharmacological science.
After that, I researched what my school plan would be for going into a career in pharmaceutical sciences. Deciding on the University of Michigan, due to it being ranked thirtieth in the QS World University Ranking, I went on their website and looked into their Doctorate of Pharmacy program. Twenty-five thousand per year was the tuition, for three classes and for nine credits, and the requirement to graduate was a bare minimum of one hundred and twenty-eight
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