Pharmacist Aide Essay

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A pharmacist aide might not be the most exciting job, but it is a very important job in the healthcare of medicine. They do many different things, and help you feel better. They get your medicine from the doctor, and give it to you. They keep you out of pain. A pharmacist adie also, records drugs that have been delivered to the pharmacy, stock the medicine, and tell the manager what ran out, or what needs to be put back on the shelf. They can operate cash register and accept prescriptions for filling.All the education requirements you need to be an aide are, a highschool diploma, training on the job, or completion of pharmacy assistant certification training, and your CRP training. Available educational facilities is your high school. All…show more content…
In henderson Nevada, you would get paid $33,100 and same in Las Vegas. On the other hand if you go to Pittsburgh, you get paid $26,000 and Los Angeles, $33,590. The places you can employ are: pharmacies, drug stores, hospitals and clinics that are open 24/7. Working conditions are tough. Long hours on your feet your feet could hurt a lot, also being able to lift and move heavy boxes filled with shelf items, but some are pretty simple that all jobs should have such as staying cleaning, organized and things along that sort. You have to work evenings, late nights, long hours, weekends, and even on some holidays. Advantages of working as a pharmacist aide are you get to help people, you get to do what you love such as science and chemistry. This gives you good growth with job development. Disadvantages however are you have to pay close attention to detail, you are working at a face pace declined rapidly and the jobs are being taken by technicians. A pharmacist aide is very important to many people. You may not think so now, but next time you are in pain, just think of who helps you out with your medicine. You’ll think they are super important
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