Pharmacist Career Research Paper

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I started wanting to be pharmacist since it was very good profession in itself with a good salary. One other reason being my parents who were both working in the pharmacy gave me convincing talks about that job. So I decided to give it a try that is how I got into the internship program from my high school for shadowing a pharmacist in a Walgreens. There I learned how to be a pharmacy technician. From that experience I received my first pharmacy technician job at Rxperts Pharmacy. It was new for since certain things that are done differently in long term care and retail pharmacy. For instance the filling style, in retails in was tablets were packed in a vial however in long term care unless directions specifically states we will in optic or blister pack for however many days. Working made me an independent person trying to focus more on my goals. I made it through 2 years and 2 months and I picked up a lot of stuff in between. From getting this job I knew I was going to do something in health science I wasn 't sure what exactly I want to be. My interest in pharmacist was going down even though I was happy working as a technician. I knew that getting his job will help me choose my future career as well learn a lot of new things. That is when I visited the hospital one day to see my relative; there I saw an occupational therapist working…show more content…
This will help me to achieve a Masters in Occupational therapy program which is I eventually want to end up. I want to help other because who can 't be to their daily activities. For example, it is very hard when you a small cold, you have limited access. For a person it is hard.... I believe that someone has helped me and we are getting helped by someone else. I want to help someone at the same time earning a good wage so I can support my family. I am the first from the family to attend college for the first time in the US so it is a big deal that way as
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