Pharmacist Compliance Report

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Pharmacists work closely with the physician, other health professionals and the patient to help assure appropriate use of an ever-increasing spectrum of effective medications. A particular emphasis is educating and motivating patients with respect to the management of their drug therapy as related to their particular medical condition. Overall, the pharmacist is expected to provide pharmaceutical care that helps ensure that drug therapy is appropriate, safe, effective for the condition being treated and cost effective. During the coming years, the trend toward the pharmacist being a provider of a wide range of pharmacy services will continue to be enhanced, especially in view of rapid advances in biotechnology and the use of technology. The pharmacist uses available patient data,…show more content…
My expectations were again at a point changed when we has a clinical trial about how to communicate with the patients, make them feel relaxed as well give out the proper information about drug from our side. There were no major changes in my expectation since during the pre-pharmacy I had interacted with the p-1 girls and asked about what was the starting phase was like. At first it was exciting but the sheer pressure of exam alone had hindered my love for this. But as always to reach the rose you have to travel the thorny path that is how I will relate myself and pharmacy. It may or may not be what I have expected but I know it will be worth it in the end. Did this pressure made me regret my opinion of choosing pharmacy? Well, to be truthful I was not sure why I was inclined to this field but once I got used to it everything turn out
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