Pharmacogenetic Testing Benefits

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Advances in medical science have allowed doctors to better understand how genes affect health. Variations in genetic make-up can affect how you respond to drugs or increase the chance of developing certain diseases. DNA testing allows your doctor to assess if you have an increased risk for developing a disease, select appropriate treatment for a health condition and evaluate how you may respond to treatments and medications. What Is Genetic Testing? Each person has a unique set of genes inherited from the parents. These genes determine physical characteristics such as hair color, height and blood type. Each gene makes a protein that performs a specific function. Some proteins transport nutrients through your body or communicate with proteins in other cells. Protein enzymes create or break down molecules. Other proteins affect how your body eliminates medicines. Pharmacogenetic testing is a type of genetic testing that examines whether you have genetic variances that could affect the way particular medications act in your body. Although most people can take a drug and get the desired benefit, some people react to the drug. Adverse drug reactions are a serious healthcare issue. More than 100,000 people die each year in the U.S. from adverse drug events. Genetic variation can cause an adverse drug event. Certain population groups have common…show more content…
Doctors can use this information to select medicines that are more effective for treatment of your specific health conditions. Doctors can more precisely determine safe and effective doses, reducing the risk of adverse drug reactions. The Food and Drug Administration has included information about genetic variances on approximately 150 commonly prescribed drugs to help healthcare professionals select appropriate medicines and prescribe safe dosages for people with specific genetic

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