Pharmacy Assistant Narrative Report

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1. Give us an example of a time during one of your placement when you did work which you felt was above the normal standard required.
I am doing my QUM placement at Ipswich Hospital and was assigned a task that I have never done before as a pharmacy assistant. My project is about evaluating the compliance of antibiotic prophylaxis perioperatively during total joint replacement. To collect the data for this project, I had to pull out medical records and audit them. Therefore I had to get familiar with UR number, the order of files in medical record department and how to obtain data from several types of medical charts from patient medical record. At first I was really confused as I have never done this in the past. There are a wide variety of
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I then thought of an idea to borrow the blank chart home so I can study them. I also have difficult in reading patient notes. There are lots of medical abbreviations and terminology that I rarely come across. Therefore, I decided to approach my preceptor and other pharmacists to help me interpret the information. I am now sufficiently fast in reading patient medical records as well as being able to recognise and interpret medical information. Through this task, I definitely learn a valuable skill and enhance my medical knowledge which would be beneficial for my professional career especially if I become a hospital pharmacy intern. It was also a good chance for me to have a chat with pharmacists in Ipswich hospital to learn more about a life of a clinical pharmacist.
2. What are some big obstacles you have had to overcome to get to where you are today? How did you overcome them?
Six years ago, I came to Australia with my parents. We left everything we had in Vietnam and started a new life. My life in Vietnam was not as dull as many people think about immigrants. In fact, it was bright and promising. However, I wanted to challenge myself for a better future where I can optimise my abilities as well as finding new
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