Pharmacy Career Statement

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I am a first generation student pursuing a medical career. Since my great grandmother died of cancer in 2004, I was interested in medicine. I gained interest in pharmacy my sophomore year in college from a college roommate who was also pursuing medicine. She gave me a different perspective on the career field. Since this encounter, I have shadowed several different pharmacists located in Columbia, South Carolina. I began to research the different career paths a pharmacist could take. Clinical pharmacy is my ultimate goal. While working at a retirement center, I worked with a clinical pharmacist and physician on a daily basis. As a caregiver, it was my duty to let these individuals know how the residents reacted to the medications I administered to them. The clinical pharmacist was the second pair of eyes for the doctor. I plan on working in the hospital environment helping treat cancer patients. Having family members and people from my hometown lose their life from this disease, makes me want to pursue this career even more. My ultimate goal is to help treat and save as many lives as I can.…show more content…
My mother is a teacher in a high poverty area, which means she is not well paid. Financing my undergraduate degree was a challenge for my family, and financial aid and scholarships did not cover all of my tuition and fees. I paid out of pocket for books, housing, and other living expenses such as groceries, personal items, transportation, and clothing. I worked between 30-48 hours a week, and during the summer I worked two jobs to ensure finances. Being a full-time student along with working full time took a toll on my grade point

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