Modern Health Continuum

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This critical review is done based on the article entitled “Pharmacy’s role in a modern health continuum” , written by 4 professional pharmacists from Canada. They are James P. Kehrer ( PhD), Greg Eberhart (BScPharm), Margaret Wing (BScPharm, MBA) ,and Karen Horon (BScPharm). Dr. James P. Kehrer received a B.S. in pharmacy from Purdue University in 1974 and a Ph.D. in pharmacology/toxicology from the University of Iowa in 1978. In 2009 he became Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Alberta. Dr. Kehrer has served on NIH grant review panels, as a member of the US-EPA Science Advisory Board Exposure and Human Health Committee, and on the US-FDA Nonprescription Drug Advisory Committee. He has published…show more content…
The main idea of this article is the ability of pharmacists to help in a health care system in order to improve patient care and decrease costs. The overall main points of this article gives positive image to readers that pharmacists really play a crucial role in this health care system, especially through drug therapy management. They provide medication management framework which includes the assessment of treatment, care plans, monitor of compliance of patients and evaluation of effectiveness of medications provided. Also, pharmacists are the health professionals with the best potential to effectively coordinate medication across the continuum, and thus help improving care, reducing duplication of services, decreasing emergency room visits and hospital admissions, preventing abuse or misuse of medications and reducing the risk of drug therapy problems. Besides, this article also talks about the progress that has been made by pharmacy and governments working together to optimize health care system outcomes through advances in regulation, education and training, testing of new models of care and participation in interprofessional initiatives and in electronic health systems. The key barriers that have to be tackle to better enable…show more content…
It is written in a conscientious tone, associated with sincere words, making the article reliable. The suggestions on ways to involve pharmacists in a health care system really motivate readers, giving hope that achieving the goal of developing a health care system that puts people at the center of their own care and uses all available resources as effectively as possible, is not as difficult as one assumes. The authors also prefer dreary and serious tone throughout the article. This will undeniablely makes the article less interesting and feel drowsy, but the benefit is that the readers will treat this issue seriously,

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