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I am writing to express my interest in being a part of the Pharmacy Technician program under the Practicum study. I have always had an interest in the medical field and want to pursue a career in that field. I’ve had an interest in cardiology and now am showing a great interest in being a pharmacist and believe that Pharmacy Technician is the best way to get the experience I need and the first level feel as I work towards a doctorate degree and pursue its higher position.
I began to take Health Science as a junior and it’s given me a great amount of information to better my decision on what I really want to do. We’ve learned lots of medical terminology, parts of the body, functions of the body, and medicines. In every unit, I tend to have more of an interest in the medicine aspect and how they help treat patients. The medicines and cures that have been created and used since the ancient times till now are something I really enjoy researching and learning about. Some of the hands-on experiences I’ve had in health science were first aid and CPR. Although it was all practical, it still gave the feel of a real situation and helped me understand information about the medicines and quick response and action needed for a patient in need. When we were doing first aid in health science we practiced with false
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I am a determined individual who is trustworthy and mature. I am a positive person and count that as another quality I hold, and believe is a necessity in any field of work, especially when interacting with others. These qualities shape who I am, and will help me succeed at my full potential in this course. Not everyone has these qualities and they are a key to success. The Pharmacy Technician program will assist me in getting the knowledge and experience I need to be applied for when I get a job right after, and will also allow me to continue learning what I am passionate about and to someday pursue as a

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