Pharmacy Technician Essay

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Pharmacy technicians work under the supervision of a pharmacist helping prepare and give out medications. It is very crucial for a pharmacy technician to be aware of their work at all times and check their work more than once. Pharmacy technicians need to ensure any medication they have prepared has been done properly, if not that could potentially harm the patients. Pharmacist trust their technicians will always follow system-based processes and provide an extra layer of safety. Working as a pharmacy technician it is important to communicate with the pharmacist and address any questions or concerns, not asking a simple question could cost the life of a patient. Medication errors is any correctable event that could lead to inappropriate…show more content…
Emily had been diagnosed with a yolk sac tumor at 18 months old. Eventually, a doctor managed to nearly take out all of the cancer but Emily still died during her last chemotherapy session. Emily was given a dose of an improperly IV bag that was made by the hospital’s pharmacy technician. Emily’s mother did not put the blame only on that one pharmacy technician but she believed it was multiple system flaws and the fact that the hospital was short-staffed that day. When working in the field I will always make sure be aware of the medication I will be preparing and be sure to go over it more than just one time. I will also be mindful that my mistake could put another person’s life at risk. While I am in school I’ll always be sure to focus on my courses so I am able to obtain as much information about becoming a pharmacy technician and prevent any errors from happening. In conclusion, in all healthcare settings medical errors occur but it doesn’t only effect the person responsible: all members of the healthcare team are affected. Pharmacy technicians are also capable of identifying any potential or actual errors and report it before the medication is distributed. Since patient safety is universal among all other healthcare practitioners is it important for them to advocate a safe and healing environment for patient
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