Pharmacy Technician Essay

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For my career choice, I have chosen pharmacy technician. Pharmacy technician was not my first choice, my first choice was to go into forensic, but then I realized forensic was not really for me. I’ve come to the conclusion that all I really wanted to do is to help people and be in a lab. I have always enjoyed science, so I needed something that would let me do what I love but also allow me to help out my fellow citizens. Being able to go into pharmacy tech at West Virginia Junior College is going to help me and my family out in the long run. WVJC is allowing me to take my classes there and are giving me a lifetime guarantee to go back without any cost! I was beyond ecstatic to hear that! I’m more than sure, that being a pharmacy technician, is a career will be something I certainly enjoy. …show more content…

It’s not just about taking care of customers and filling prescriptions, it’s also about measuring different amounts of prescriptions, packaging and labeling, organizing innovatory and alerting the pharmacists’ when you are becoming low on supplies, accepting payment for prescriptions and dealing with insurance claims, answering phone calls from customers, or even arranging for customers to speak to the pharmacists about any questions they may have about the medicines or health matters. Therefore, with all this being said, you can see you need patience, organization, and oriented about being a pharmacy technician. Along with, if you don’t like to be told what to do then maybe you should look in another

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