Phenol Synthesis Lab Report

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Phenolic compounds are one of the potent and significant heterogenous secondary metabolites present in the plant kingdom. They are commonly found in various plant parts like root, stem, leaf, fruit and seeds. Phenols possess different biological effects, including antioxidant activity1 (Kähkönen MP et al 1999) anticarciogeneic and antimutageneic. They are essential for the some specific function of plants like defending injured plant against pathogens invasion and spreading. There are approximate 8000 polyphenolic compounds and more than 4000 flavanoids found in plants. Flavonoids and polyphenolic compounds that are found ubiquitously in plants. In plant flavanoids perform many important biological functions like antiarthritic,
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In brief, a 200 µL of diluted sample was mixed with 5mL ml of Folin-Ciocalteu’s phenol reagent (1:10 diluted). After 4 min, 4 mL of a 7% sodium carbonate solution was added. The mixture was mixed thoroughly by vortex for 2 min. The mixture was kept at 40°C for 30 min, after which the absorbance was read at 765 nm. The estimation of the phenolic compounds was carried out in triplicate.. The TPC was estimated by using Tannic acid (0.02–0.1 mg/mL) as a standard calibration curve. The results were expressed as milligram of Tannic Acid equivalent (TAE) per gram of dried…show more content…
Free radicals and Relative oxygen species have been involved in the initiation of various human diseases including atherosclerosis, metabolic disorders, heart disease, cellular ageing, inflammation, diabetes mellitus, rheumatoid arthiritis, malaria, cancer and HIV/AIDS (Alho and Leinonen, 1999; Odukoya 2005). Various major Phenolic compounds such as catechin, quercetin, narigin, rutin, caffeic acid, tannic acid, gallic acid and chlorogenic acid are veryuseful and significant plant phytoconstituent.(Qusti &al, 2010). Natural herbal plants products are commonly known to produce different important antioxidant substances which have ability to protect the body against oxidative stress and cellular oxidation damage caused by free radicals (Ozsoy et al, 2008). All medicinal plant requires a detailed knowledge prior to its use because, the pharmaceutical value is absolutely dependent on the quality of the plant material. It has been mentioned that the study of a crude dry of natural origin is useful only to the extent that it contains active principles which have to be identified for the justification its real value (Zaveri and Suvitha jain,

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