Phenomenal Woman Maya Angelou Analysis

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"Phenomenal Woman" written by Maya Angelou is a poem that every woman can relate to. Angelou explains how she is a confident woman throughout each stanza. Harold Bloom states that "In this Hymn-like poem to women 's beauty, the self-confident speaker reveals her attributes as a phenomenal woman". Angelou tries to show her confidence in every line of the poem and then states what parts of her body actually shows that confidence and inner strength. Vitality Kotyakov said that "Modern society highly values women 's beauty"(Analysis of Phenomenal Women By Maya Angelou). Women now put them selves down because they do not think about their inner beauty they only listen to what other people may say about them. This poem really explains how to have confidence in your self no matter how you look. In each stanza her confidence is shown by her inner strength through symbolism, tone, and imagery.

Angelou expresses how to be a confident woman through symbolism. She describes how she holds her head up even though she is not perfect. Angelou says "I 'm not cute or built to suit a fashion model 's size"(line 2). Which
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Some people may argue that Maya Angelou does not show inner strength through symbolism, tone, and imagery. Maybe the symbolism does not show the inner strength and it just shows that Angelou is full of her self or that she may think she is better than others. But, depending on how you read the poem rather you have your mind open for a variety of things depend on what you get out of it. Some may think that the tone has nothing to do with confidence either, that it is just how she wrote it, which makes it, sounds strong. But, when in reality you are able to understand the majority of the poem through the tone. Also, the imagery may not show the confidence that Maya Angelou holds but, when reading the poem you are able to picture everything that is said. The imagery is so strong that you can not do anything but see the confidence that Angelou holds within

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