Child Support Case Study

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c) Support for learning problems: In order for us to provide support for learning problems it is imperative that we understand what a learning problem/disability is. Learning problems/disabilities refer to those that have difficulty in their ‘development and use of listening, speaking, reading and comprehending abilities, those individuals that show significant discrepancies in their level of functioning’ and those that have issues relating to the functioning of the central nervous system (Derbyshire 1996 in Schoeman et al, 2011). Thus it is important to assist a student with therapy and other means in order for the student to be fully capable to understand and comprehend life despite their learning disability.
2.1.2 Indicate to Alex the
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Since his mother and stepfather are his primary caregivers I would need to get them involved and conduct a parent-teacher meeting to which we can devise some coping mechanisms and support systems to help Alex during this difficult time. As a pastoral carer I need to be there to provide guidance and support to Alex and recommend that he sees a school counsellor or an educational psychologist for more assistance. It is important for me to provide a safe and welcoming environment for Alex during this period as he has come to me with this issue. Considering the sensitivity of the matter I need to take extreme caution and care when introducing Alex to new people that will be able to help him such as a counsellor and other support…show more content…
During the first term of grade 9 students will learn about cells as the basic units of life; cell structures, plant and animal cells etc, human reproduction; puberty and reproduction, circulatory and respiratory systems; breathing etc, as well as the digestive system in Natural Science. I will attempt to help Alex understand a bit more and helping him deal with his learning difficulties. I will first start by asking him to join me during his lunch breaks to revise and go over the content he does not understand, going though each concept of the cell structure and undertaking remedial work during this time. Since the human body is also one of the topics taught in natural science in the first term I will need to be a little bit more careful when addressing this concept with Alex as I do not want him to feel uncomfortable if he has been sexually or physically abused. I will also need to be more sensitive when addressing the issues around puberty with him as he is fairly new to puberty and his outburst towards Ravi could have been an outcome of

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