Essay On The Phenomenon Of Evil

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Phenomenon of evil in the human heart
Evil is a sin, it is a force in nature that presides over, and gives rise to wickedness and corruption. Some may think of evil as a separation from God and usually can be personified by the form of Satan. Phenomenon of evil can exist in many forms that can be hidden within ourselves and others. In the short story "Young Goodman Brown, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, Hawthorne writes about a man whose faith cannot save him from the evil that lies around him and others. In "The Cask of Amontillado" Edgar Allen Poe illustrates that evil can be revealed through revenge, and it only brings malice and cruelty to this world. Even in today 's age, these two stories still affirm the evil that manifests inside humans. In these two stories, both Young Goodman Brown and Monstresor see the evil in others, which motivates their actions. No matter how we try to be faithful, loyal, or pure, we as humans cannot escape the evil that is concealed in our hearts and minds.
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The stories by Poe and Hawthorn prove that Evil is widely accepted in the fact that humans are corruptible and sinful creatures, that even the most faithful and humble people have a capability to lie, cheat, criticize, and murder without passion. The two stories summarize man 's scope for evil as being boundless and display that evil is present inside all, no matter how good or righteous they may appear to be. Montresor and Brown are motivated to see the evil in everyone because they, themselves, are corruptible and capable of evil. Evil is a force that rules and threatens our world. Evil is a personified power that deceives humans both internally and externally. Evil contradicts both moral behavior and thought as well as fatalism. Evil is the most fundamental manifestation of the human experiences. It arises in many forms. Evil can strike marginal aspects of human life and affects the very center of the human
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