Phhonological System Of Denbantas

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Language is used by the people for communication. There are 6000 languages in the world with different dialects, pidgins, Creole languages, clicks, whistles, guttural and sweet (Demyen, 2008: 1). According to Chaer (2007) language is a unique system. This opinion means that every language has its own characteristics and features which do not owned by other languages. One of the characteristics and features is called dialect. Dialect refers to the kind of language which is different in term of grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. Balinese people mostly use Balinese for communication. Bali consists of several regencies that have many different dialects. The dialect between each of the regencies is different. The differences among the dialect could be an interesting study to be investigated. A regency has many dialects differ by each of the village. The researcher conducted a research of dialect in a certain village in Bali more specifically in Tabanan regency. The name of the village is Denbantas. The villagers use several words dialect that is quite different from the surrounding villages in Tabanan regency. When saying the word “you”, the villagers use the word “ago” instead of “rago” which is mostly used by the other village. In this study, the researcher would like to find out the phonological system of Denbantas dialect in terms of how many vowels, diphthongs, consonants, and consonants clusters that exist in that village. 1.2. Statement of the Problem Based on the

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