Self Evaluation Essay

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Imagine this: You and your classmates are asked to lift ‘x’ amount of weight, ‘x’ amount of times, or for ‘x’ period of time. During these lifts, you will be analyzed and assessed based off performance. The assessment will begin during or after instructions are given and will continue throughout the semester. Steady build of progress is expected and select milestones must be obtained in order to perform well in the class. After the instructions are given, you and your classmates are to begin performing the required criteria. Mutually, each student performed their lift with synonymous organization; approaching the weight, commencing lift, performing the lift, finishing the lift, releasing the weight and stepping away. All of the students were…show more content…
For the particular student you have been observing, full comprehension of the task is not demonstrated until day four or sometimes day five. Eventually, these recurring ‘weak/lagging’ actions are noticed by another classmate. The classmate antagonized the student verbally, labeling him as being lazy and apathetic. After hearing these potentially harmful words, you choose to confront the student as well. During your conversation with him, he explains the reasons behind his inability to perform as well as other students. Your suggestion to him is to have a meeting with the instructor and describe those issues just discussed. The student thinks back on being called lazy and disinterested, as well as, his failing grade in the class and agrees with your recommendation. One week passes by and this time the student approaches you. He said that the teacher referred him to the school counselor and from there he was referred to a local physician. He went on to say that after his evaluation the doctor diagnosed him with ADHD. He explained that no one else noticed his struggle, except for that student who became annoyed and called him
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