Phi Beta Sigma Case Study

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Phi Beta Sigma Inc. Celebrities are popular faces of the world, as we allow them to create a humongous impact on our society. Society looks up to those who carry a higher status or level of fame as such if they were prophets themselves. This fraternity includes a few members who are very appealing to the entire world; some such as Blair Underwood and Terrence Howard to be credible representatives of this particular brotherhood. We more are willing to listen to what they have to say and to interact with them, as they have. They are individuals that contain a status that attracts appeal for the entire incorporation. Phi Beta Sigma is an African American based fraternity that was organized to exemplify the morals of brotherhood, scholarship and…show more content…
This fraternity uses their emotional appeal to court other members. On the official Phi Beta Sigma web page, an individual would immediately see many different pictures of members of the organization and various events that they've hosted. These pictures portray brotherhood, togetherness and service in which could spark feelings amongst their audience; using emotional appeal to attract people into being interested with this particular organization. According to the Phi Beta Sigma website, there is a particular club within the fraternity on which guide and support young adolescents. This extension of the organization is called Sigma Beta Club. The purpose of this association is to initiate and take part in activities such as community service, after school study sessions, the teaching of Phi Beta Sigma's History etc. in which develops the youth to be effective and positive leaders. Phi Beta Sigma captures these moments and advertises to the public their good deeds in action such like the community service and gives a visual of all the positive influence they hold. Therefore, this incorporation portray to be a group of empathy through their good deeds towards the community, in which would attract other individuals to join for the emotional…show more content…
Some might claim that Phi Beta Sigma entire organization uses no appeal at all. This incorporation advertises using pathos and ethos. Some other incorporations such as Omega Psi Phi; they use an informational type of influence to court more members. Information such as history, mission, and vision of that particular organization is how they persuade the public to join. In conclusion particular style of persuasion is less effective as they don't use any emotional attachment, lack of credibility, thus fewer members to court. Phi Beta Sigma uses the rhetoric devices pathos and ethos to ultimately court more members into their organization. The information above justifies the influential way oh how Phi Beta Sigma court members. In addition to the information provided, it had illustrated the actual use of the each device that appeals to society. In the words of the great A. Langston Taylor, one of the founders of the organization “Culture for service, Service for community"; simply meaning that when the community is involved, nothing is

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