Phi Slam Research Paper

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Phi Slam is an organization at The University of Georgia (UGA) that is run completely by and for students. It takes on the challenge of transforming the perception of Athens as a whole in student’s minds. Athens is, and has always been a place where students come to learn but mostly to get the party experience. Most UGA students flock to downtown bars and clubs at night multiple times every week. Downtown Athens is filled with loud music, dancing, alcohol and college students just looking to have a good time. When people think of Athens they picture this, as they very well should, it is the biggest draw to students for a break from the challenges of school and their personal lives, but Phi Slam wants to show that this is not the only option. Nationwide it is a pretty well known fact that if you want the full college experience, inclusive of an excellent education and parties, The…show more content…
Many students just assume that partying is the only thing to do for fun here simply because they do not know about any other options. Phi Slam’s biggest goal is to change this. It wants to be that alternative option to the fun downtown by providing a similar or better atmosphere, in my opinion that does not include alcohol. Coming into Athens I personally did not want to do the whole party scene but I knew it was the way most students spent their free time. This perception quickly changed during my first night here. A few members of Phi Slam introduced themselves to me and invited me to a party they were having called, “Pig Pickin’.” This party included five hundred pounds of barbeque, a live pig, what I perceived as over one thousand people, all in the drive way of the Phi Slam house about a mile outside of campus. There I was able to meet people that had a common interest with me, fun without
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