Phi Theta Kapp Character Analysis

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Along with Phi Theta Kappa, my goals are to make our world a better place and with what my life choices have made me and my educational journey has taught me, I will exercise all opportunities presented to me to help make a difference in our world. During my recent summer employment working with children, I received a strong confirmation that people, especially children, are struggling with choices and will quickly act to do something only to receive something, and this created a great deal of sadness and wonder inside me. My summer experience, along with the knowledge, skills and courage I have gained through Phi Theta Kappa leadership conferences, I am increasingly determined to reach out to help instill what is good in others, especially in our children, who hold their future in their hands. I have always enjoyed reaching out to my community, serving and learning about the people around me. There was a time I volunteered at an organization as a youth soccer coach and a roller hockey coach knowing I had never played before, I must say it was the most fun learning how to lead experience. I later led a group of cheerleaders for my son’s football team and I especially enjoyed volunteering at local food pantries, at a thrift store and for many youth groups through my home church, my favorite was, and still is,…show more content…
It hurts me to see children experience such negativity in their hearts and not realize they are wasting precious time worrying about being first, winning, having more or better, and getting their way even if it means lying, stealing and cheating. All experiences that affect their ability and stability to learn and do well in
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