Phil 383t Reflection

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Managing, the academic demands this semester while attending school, for myself has been great. However, balancing classes of course at times seems to have been very challenging. Reasonable management has been one of my biggest factors with a few of the classes I’ve taken. One class, this semester Phil 383T comforting the materials and topics discussed in class focusing on the different aspects of Technology, technology used in the past, today and later in the future has been great yet, at times challenging. Now this semester is about to come to an end, I’m come a long way, have had great progress to get to this point, so proud to say how happy I am to obtain the information I’ve obtained and read while attending class Phil 383T this semester. During, many discussions in class I have come to realize that technology for years as altered the way we think, influencing the way we think and live from day to day. Technology, has mentally shifted our brains to see and do things differently. In one sense, with the many discussions of technology in class discussions how technology has changed in so many ways. For the duration of, reading assignments partaking for the next class, as I read, many times my thoughts would get wedged trying…show more content…
Once more, either on-line or in a book. Substituting cartons in depth of reality or fake information for originality, with this in mind my personal reflections and impact with the use or many uses of technology, I of course have many different feelings with relation to it. Will I use or try to or continue to use technology for the good, or just for the advantage well for myself “I will always use technology for the good”. Not, sure of
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