Phil Knight's Accomplishments

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There are many things that I found interesting about Phil Knight and his many accomplishments over the years. Phil Knight is known for the Nike, Inc., which he founder and is the head of this athletic corporation. Nike is the leading athletic shoe corporation in the world. Knight is a recognized legend in the marketing and retail world people often do not recognize what he has accomplished. Over the years Phil Knight was able to turn himself into a hero. We see that the reputation Knight has earned highlights his abilities as a businessman and CEO. Knight was named in The Sporting News as the most powerful individual in sports during 1993. I will spend time throughout my paper discussing the life and many accomplishments of Phil Knight as…show more content…
During this period Knight enlisted in the army and was able to complete one year of service before he decided to give it up. Phil Knight came back and enrolled at Stanford University for the Graduate School of Business. This is where Knight was able to find his calling after taking a small business class. Knight found Frank Shallenberger’s business class very interesting and become intrigued to learn more. One of the assignments involved inventing a new business which challenged Knight’s limits. Knight was able to find an interest in sports shoes and was able to make up a blueprint for his business assignment. He begin writing a paper that stated ‘Can Japanese Sports Shoes Do to German Sports Shoes What Japanese Cameras Did to German Cameras?’and after this paper he found his passion and purpose which was to create a business about shoes. Phil Knight continued his education was able to graduated with a MBA in 1962 from the University. This paved the way for the success of Phil Knight the influences that he had over the years were the determining factor in his success, without these individuals Knight would not be the man that he is…show more content…
Nike is known as the world’s largest maker of an athletic shoe and apparel. As of 2015, Phil Knight has a net worth of US $23.8 billion. In the Oregon-based company they are operating over 1,100 stores in the area. Knight had the revenue of $34 billion as of May 2017. There were many different ranges of brands in this business such as Jordan, Cole Haan, and Converse. Knight’s interest in sports and track specifically pushed Knight to examine how these shoes were being made in the late 1950s. He speak time communicating and working with Bowerman during this process, Bowerman eventually became a senior member of the Nike inc. This duo was able to accomplish a lot over the years and they were able to determine that American shoes were a lower quality, and people often complained much more about them. During this time Japanese industries were in the lead with a newer designer that are better than the American shoes that are being produced. After doing research Knight was able to write a paper on the subject and was able to get involved more by visiting Japan to try and import an updated design to bring to American running shoes himself. Philip Knight has done a lot over the years and was able to create a lasting impact on sports industry that will be forever respected by not only athletes, but the industry as a
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