Discrimination In The Movie Philadelphia

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“The noble lover of beauty engages in love wherever he sees excellence and splendid natural endowment without regard for any difference in physiological detail.” Therefore the phrase ‘love is blind’ satisfies the aforesaid lines, as love doesn’t see the physical characteristics but it sees the natural penchant, care etc. Everyone says Love is a wonderful feeling, but is it compulsory that love should be heterosexual? Certainly not. Then why are the homosexuals lambasted at each and every stage of their lives? Don’t they have any freedom to choose whomsoever they want as their partner? In fact, the Constitution also says the laws are equal for all men, but it doesn’t say Law is equal for all straight men. ‘Philadelphia’ is a film which clearly shows the discrimination faced by a homosexual in every section of the society and how it is compared and contrasted with the discrimination based on black identity
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Andrew Beckett (Tom Hanks), a homosexual is a great lawyer who is fired just because he has AIDS brings a suit against his firm for being prejudiced to him with the help of an ambulance chasing and homophobic counselor Joe Miller (Denzel Washington). Philadelphia is a film which has changed perceptions of many people against Homosexuals and has also given us a range of knowledge about how AIDS is being spread and is not contagious. So the people contracted with this debilitating disease called AIDS should not be repulsed by us. The film ‘Philadelphia’ somewhat resembles to our controversy on §377 of IPC which also states that carnal intercourse against the nature is a crime. Who decides that a certain activity is against the nature? However, the homosexuality has a stand in natural rights also as in opposite sex there is sterility in either of them then why same sex is considered as crime and in the film there is some sort of power-over which states that men should be dominating
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