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In this essay I will be discussing Joan of Arc. Joan of Arc was a peasant girl who was born in the second half of the Hundred Years War. Joan was an inspiration in her time, and today. She played a very important role in creating France’s national consciousness. I will begin by briefly talking about the short 19 years of Joan’s life, briefly mentioning the main events of her life. Then I will continue on to talk about those important events of her life in more detail. For example, her visions, the siege and relief of Orleans, the attack on Paris and Joans trial and execution. I will be using several sources to gather information including Joan of Arc by Francis C. Lowell and Joan of Arc by Philip Henry Stanhope.

Joan of Arc, also known as Jeanne d’Arc, was born in 1412 in a town names Domremy in Eastern France. At this time, King Henry V was the ruler
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Initially in Orleans, Joans story was laughed at, but the people of the city were desperate for a miracle. On April 28, with 3000 men, the army began its march. Joan believed they were marching straight into the heart of the city but she had been deceived by her troops as they were marching from the side of the river. When she entered the city, there was hope and excitement throughout the people. One evening, Joan was resting when she got another vision that told her to attack the English straight away. She informed her troops and rushed to the east. Meanwhile, the French were attacking an English fort near Orleans. Joan’s presence there helped the French come out of the battle victorious. Joan led two more successful attacks on two other English forts, one of which was Les Tourelles. These forts were built around the city of Orleans by the English to stop people leaving the city and to stop trade and communication between those entering the city and those already in

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