Philip Zimbardo's What Makes A Hero?

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Bravery can result in many different things; however, one cause of bravery is selfless actions. Many selfless actions are considered brave and vise versa. Selflessness is in heroes because people admire others who help people when it is not asked for, some people just have this goodness in their heart to help others, while sometimes it may hurt themselves they still help others. Being a hero requires many different qualities and actions. In Philip Zimbardo’s article “What Makes a Hero?”, there are various to become a hero, many of the steps show selflessness, “First, it’s performed in service to others in need... Second, it’s engaged in voluntarily,... Third, a heroic act is one performed with recognition of possible risks and costs, ...…show more content…
They put themselves second and their children first. Many sacrifice their lives for others they do not even know. In the documentary “Unlikely Heroes”, we are able to see 7 different stories about ordinary people risking their lives to save Jewish people in the Holocaust. The story that stood out was Recha Sternbuch and how much she sacrificed so she could help Jewish people. Sternbuch bought visas for Jewish people and smuggled them over to Switzerland, missed her only son's bar mitzvah to protect 3 Jewish boys who were taken by the Natzis, she said to the German police that she would gave gone to the concentration camp if they did not let go of the Jewish boys and she paid off Himmer, a leader of the Natzi party. Sternbuch risked her whole life to save some Jewish people. She was willing to die to help these people and without her many people would be

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