Philippians 2: 1-11 Analysis

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Philippians 2 :1-11 is one of many passages that Paul wrote to the the Philippians through his letters. There are several morals and principles included in these verses that are applicable to one’s life. Through this Biblical eisegesis, I will examine the beliefs that can be drawn out of Philippians 2 : 1-11,which lead to some examples of applications and the results of applying that same principles. One major moral principle from this passage is having a humble attitude like Christ. Humility plays an important role in understanding Paul’s message. Jesus exemplified humility in every aspects. Although He had equal status with god, He did not consider Himself to be equal with the Father. Instead, He took the form of a human and emptied Himself to serve. His greatness and humility can be seen through how He was obedient to the last minutes on earth. As humans, everyone should look up to Him and strive their best to have such humble attitude like Him. Moreover, Paul discussed unity in people. Using Jesus, the perfect…show more content…
When I first started playing basketball, I was far behind many of the girls on the team. They have been playing basketball for years and they are also outstanding basketball players. Having more experience in this sport, they did not display even a bit of arrogance, but instead, they have shown me so much humility by guiding and helping me to improve my skills. They were patient and they took the time out so that I can be better. Moreover, every single member is equal and an essential part to the team. To the members, the team is rather a whole, a body and a family, not just different girls playing the same sport. My teammates have done an exceptional job in showing that humility not only to me, but also to the other new players. Being a team, we work hard on and off the court to gain that unity with each
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