Philippine Animation History

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This chapter displays the review of related literature and studies of the sub-topics of this research. The first part of the chapter will discuss a brief history of animation industry in the Philippines. The second part will discuss the significance and influence of the historical animation industry of the Philippines. The third part will discuss the factors that affects the current status of Philippines Animation industry. FILIPINO CARTOON AND ANIMATION This part will review a brief history of animation industry in the Philippines. It essential to note that Philippine Animation has a fairly long contribution in the said industry. Cartoons and animation originated from Komiks. During the 1920s, the first cartoon character named Kenkoy that inspired numerous Filipino cartoon characters like Barok, Jeproks and Pinoy. The character Kenkoy even survived World War II when Japanese Government used the character to disseminate health programs (ACPI, 2007). An evidence that animation had long been part of the Filipino culture. Our serious engagement in Animation Industry began in the 1980s, outsourcing animation talents for western and Japanese clients such as Toei Animation, Disney, Marvel, Hanna Barbera, Warner Brothers, Cartoon Network and Universal Studios. Also around that year Philippines was…show more content…
On the positive side, Philippines is widely preferred by international clients to its low-cost of services and the country prefers it more as it will not require to expend large amount of budget for the production because as you know, one full length animated film will involve millions of money just for its production. Meanwhile, on the negative side, due to the outsourcing industry, Filipinos are not fully credited for their contribution behind most of the successful animated films internationally (,

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