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Fast Facts About Newcomers from the Philippines • More than 3 million Americans are of Filipino origin. • Filipino Americans make up four percent of the immigrant population • More Filipinos live in California than any other states • Hawaii, New York, New Jersey and Texas are other top states • The average family income is $82000 • About six percent of Filipino Americans live at or below the poverty line What are traditional foods and dishes? • The food and culture of the Philippines is inspired from America, Spain and China.2 • White rice is the main food in the diet. It is usually served three times daily. Fish is the main source of protein in the diet.2 • Vinegar, soy sauce, and fish sauce are used in Filipino cooking.3 • Philippine adobo is often dubbed the national dish. It varies from the adobo served in other cultures.4 In the Philippines, adobo refers to foods stewed in a…show more content…
More than 80 percent of Filipinos are Catholic. Nearly 12 percent more are other Christian faiths.5 Food is often the focus of celebrations. The Philippines are known for a long Christmas season. Each island has different foods to choose from. Food cost is also a factor to think about. BLANKIs a fancy dish suitable for Christmas.4 It is made of sausage, ham, salt pork, rice and cabbage.4 Tinubong (rice cake cooked in a bamboo tube) is a common Christmas treat .4 What are traditional eating patterns? • Fish is caught daily. • Many families have gardens.3 • A clay pot is used for steaming rice and stewing other foods.6 • A kalawi (like a wok) is used for frying. • Courses of Spanish meals are served one after another. • Courses of Filipino meals are served all at once.6 • Often, the oldest male starts the meal. After, others join in. • Families enjoy soups and stews so they use forks and spoons at the table. People do not need knives at the table because meat is already chopped up.6 People usually eat three meals and two snacks each day.

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