Basic Principles Of Government Essay

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The six basic principles of government apply to the three branches of government by establishing itself as a foundation for the three branches. Each of the six principles is the backboard in which everything that is done is based upon the rules and ideas the principles acknowledge. If these ethics were nonexistent, the branches would be unsystematic. The logic behind the importance of the principles of government would be the fact that they make sure that our government will not be too powerful and that it will not be able to take our rights away from us very easily. Adjoining to this concept, the popular sovereignty principle is brought up because this is what allows the people of a region or state to create and sustain the authority of a government, and all elected representatives are the major source of political power. This principle prevents the government from allowing just any person to preserve authority over the people of a state. This applies to the three branches of government for the reason being that the elected authority from…show more content…
They have an inference that the people of the nation are the reason for what happens and does not happen in a government. They as a whole have a say in what the government does, and this allows the elected personnel to step down and actually hear the people out, because without the people, there will be no reasonable decisions being made. The people of the nation are the main factors to what is happening. The separation of powers of government was created purposely to differentiate them between the various branches and we have divided powers between the federal government and the state governments. All of these principles are systems that prevent someone from becoming too powerful. I feel like the most important principle is limited government, and the other five principles are a backboard that strengthens and supports the main idea of limited
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